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Montana Dakota
Flax Oil

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About Our Company

  • Our Mission. Our flax oil producers grow flax ethically and naturally in order to provide our customers with 100% quality flax oil. Montana Dakota Flax Oil offers complete traceability from the field to your plate. We will never blend or compromise the nutrients shared with us from our crops – “we blend our family, not our oils” – our customers will only have the best product.

  • Our Vision. We want everyone in our community and beyond to fully understand the benefits of natural flax oil. We want our customers to become critical consumers of their food and food sources.

  • Our Values. We consider crop planting and the subsequent oil production to be renewable and sustainable agribusinesses that are both integral to our overall customer's health and well-being. We value hard work and a love for the community that agriculture is able to sustain through natural products. Flax Oil is our passion. We value family, our faith, and time with those we love.

Flax Seed Oil Life

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